Rename "swupd" to be shorter

“swupd” is a nuisance to type imo. It’s also easy to forget and hard to type. Can we rename it to be short like APT, YUM, DNF?

My proposal would be to rename “swupd” to “sup”

“sup” can stand for “software update”


You can make a shell alias


It means software update. And with shell tab completion, usually you only needs to type first three or four characters than , it will put swupd on the command line.

So it’s not really long.


Yes, it is the contraction of software update (swupd)


swu[tab key] does complete to swupd

echo 'alias sw=swupd' >> ~/.bashrc

Log out, log back in again. Now it’s shorter than dnf, apt-get and yum!


This should come out of the box not something we have to manually configure. I’d recommend 3 characters since it’s what most people are used to with other distros.
e.g “sup install package_name”, “sup remove package_name”, “sup search package_name”

sup = software updater

@doct0rHu Less keystrokes for common commands is always better. Not a fan of swu [tab]

“sup” is better and shorter imo could also stand for “software update”

Shell alias hides the problem. Now everytime I install this distro I have to create a shell alias because I hate the commands.

In my effort to win the internet I came up with this:

for y in /usr/bin/????*; do
        echo alias ${nn[$x]}="${y}" >> ~/.bashrc

It will make all commands over 4 characters into 3 characters!

Great three-letter acronyms for CLI commands are pretty tough to pull off these days, all the good ones are pretty much taken. sup is a already an email client for example.

wait, isnt sup short for “support” :slight_smile:

Well you can come up with a name for anything. e.g in Fedora DNF = Dandified Yum (Still don’t know where they got the F from) but could also mean Did Not Finish.

At least sup stands for something and its easier to remember.

I understand, but, we don’t have enough information that suggest that your solution is the best one for everyone. It’s good that you’ve let us know. If we hear from more people that agree, we will probably seriously consider it. If not, we may have to look for other ideas.