Running Clear OS without AES

I know this is not supported, but before i was able to run Clear OS without my CPU not supporting AES (it supports other instructions though). I was able to run a XFCE desktop without any hassle. Qt apps weren’t working, so i compiled them myself and they worked. The issue is, the latest desktop .iso refuses to boot because i don’t have AES. Is there any way to boot Clear OS without checking for requirements at the beginning, or will there be any support for it?

EDIT: My CPU is Pentium N3540

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We’ve decided a long time ago not to support architectures without AES. The simple reason is that the amount of systems that do not have it is extremely limited and it would mean a significant performance hit for everyone else.

In other words: the check is legitimate, and your CPU is not supported.

To prevent users from having weird crashes after installation that they have no way to properly trouble shoot, we put strong checks in place to let people know that their hardware is not supported. Removing the check would be unwise and very frustrating instead. Troubleshooting illegal instruction errors can be frustrating.

I realize that this isn’t a great answer for you - unfortunately.

I know that you likely can work around things by compiling problematic code yourself, but I don’t see us switching AES off by default any time soon. The systems that do not have AES are more and more older systems that are less widely used, and pretty much all the current CPUs support it.


I can understand that, thanks for the reply. But, wouldn’t it be possible to, say, add a boot option that disables it temporarily? It will be still turned on by default, but i can turn off the check myself if i want to. Though, it is still possible to use Clear Linux (without AES) by using an old installation image, so i don’t have much complaints.

There are a few ways around the check: install onto a USB stick on a different device, doing a manual install or just transferring to a live image. You can likely even disable the checks by modifying the live image. Feel free to experiment and post about it.

Yeah, i guess i will try that. So i can see how the new GUI installer works :smiley:

Is there any way to bypass AES because I have HP Pavillion Pc with Intel Integrated graphics and I really want to use clear Linux on it. Or is there a way I can add AES support without much hassle that is.

Or is there a way I can remove the check both will be quite helpful thanks for any possible solutions in advance & also any effort is appreciated :clap:.

Well, in this thread you can find

Just to follow up - AES checks have been removed from the installer. You should be able to install on a non-AES machine now.


Just FYI, the Linux configuration check tool still looks for AES so you might want to update it

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