Safety and performance recommendations?

Hello everyone, for one of my servers I would like to use Clear Linux, can you maybe give me some configuration tips, useful things for security or performance?
Here are my uses


except ssh and wireguard. all my application stacks will be managed with Docker (the service that listens on 80/443 will be traefik)

that’s all.

My ideas was :

  • Only listen ssh traffic from wireguard subnet (then i need to be connected to wireguard to access to ssh)
  • Would activating a firewall for this kind of configuration be useful? (Maybe for DDoS, invalid packets, or something else?)

How do you feel about that? (ssh over wireguard and firewall)

thank you all


This question isn’t particular to clear linux. But as far as performance, you’ll find clear to be very performant with zero configuration. And if you need a firewall note that clear doesn’t ship with one by default.

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I have indeed noticed the performance and security of Clear Linux in ‘all-default’. It is pleasant and reassuring. Thanks