Screen-sharing with Wayland

Has anyone had any luck setting up Pipewire or similar to do screen-sharing on Wayland?

This doesn’t seem to work on ClearLinux: Projects/Mutter/RemoteDesktop - GNOME Wiki!
Wondering if Mutter was compiled with the remote-desktop flag…

(If I get the above working, the next step is trying to turn Pipewire support on in Chrome: PipeWire - ArchWiki)

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Honestly, I’m just bumping because this is important (even though nobody answered or showed interest in it as proved by the fact I’m bumping this thread, but yeah).

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I’ve managed to get screen sharing working for network assistance by building x2goclient from source. Trust me tl;dr!
Haven’t tried on Wayland though, Wayland’s been so buggy lately I’d rather not try. If you want screen sharing just plus one this issue

Maybe add a note in there that you want the server too.

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Seems kinda pointless now that I just found out about this.

Nah they still do what they can from time to time afaik. Anyway it may be worth mentioning that the anydesk flatpak does work fairly bug free although not the most immersive experience. But I prefer tunneling over ssh, IMHO it’s safer for the client.

flatpak/snap/etc are cancer if you value disk space like I do, but even if that wasn’t the case, I’d rather go with SSH too.

No success here. I compiled, installed, disabled pulseaudio and enabled pipewire. Somehow pulseaudio is still running and screen sharing doesn’t work… I don’t know what else to do. For anyone interested in compiling pipewire, is pretty simple:

sudo swupd bundle-add pipewire-devpkg
git clone
cd pipewire && mkdir build && cd build && cmake ..
make install

Btw, pipewire does seem to work tho… I’m able to run all tests, no idea what is going on.