Segfault to be reported? Telemetry successful?

Jun 25 18:26:20 clr pavucontrol[5133]: gdkwindow-x11.c:5611 drawable is not a native X11 window
Jun 25 18:26:20 clr kernel: show_signal_msg: 190 callbacks suppressed
Jun 25 18:26:20 clr kernel: pavucontrol[5133]: segfault at 0 ip 0000000000000000 sp 00007ffcb3bec268 error 14 in pavucontrol[55ff4f910000+27000]
Jun 25 18:26:20 clr kernel: Code: Bad RIP value.
Jun 25 18:26:20 clr systemd[1]: Started Process Core Dump (PID 5142/UID 0).
Jun 25 18:26:20 clr systemd[1]: Started Telemetrics Daemon.
Jun 25 18:26:20 clr systemd[1]: Started Telemetrics Post Daemon.
Jun 25 18:26:30 clr systemd-coredump[5145]: Failed to compress (unnamed temporary file): Protocol not supported
Jun 25 18:26:31 clr systemd[1]: Started Clear Linux debuginfo daemon.
Jun 25 18:26:31 clr systemd-coredump[5145]: Process 5133 (pavucontrol) of user 1000 dumped core.

Does this mean you get all data about segfault? Or do you need explicit bug reports? I have opted-in to telemetry.

Jun 25 18:32:31 clr systemd[1]: telemprobd.service: Succeeded.
Jun 25 18:32:31 clr telempostd[5149]: Record deliver failed after 8 attempts
Jun 25 18:32:31 clr systemd[1]: telempostd.service: Succeeded.

What does this mean? Failed or succeeded? Did you get segfault record
org.clearlinux/crash/error Tue 2019-06-25 18:26:30 CEST b0536ca427d78a6cafa5a0185ad0d485 ac29489205dd44335ec0dba6862ef679 260c0d55-9013-46aa-abba-6f068358d89e

If it’s necessary to report manually do you have a pastebin service (similar to from Fedora) where to paste kernel dumps?

Please clarify.

Thanks for enabling telemetry!

I checked back in our telemetry server and I found the records from pavucontrol crashing. However, we do not get the dump (raw memory) data (ever).

What happened here on your system is that systemd-coredump failed to store and debug the crash. Our telemetry client programs are supposed to “boil out” the stack trace of the crash and send that, and only that, to our telemetry service. That part failed however, so we do not even have the stack trace.

The “failed to deliver” messages is likely unrelated, you can ignore it for now.