Simple serverless bundling

Hey all,

I would like to maintain a manifest of RPM URLs and install the bundle without a server.

Example: Imagine running a browser testing node with upstream Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge RPMs. There’s no mixing or packaging, the machine just eats a manifest from your github, raids the google and microsoft servers, and spits cryptographically hashed browser blobs into production.

In effect we would be mixing a bundle right there on the node. Is there a way to get the entire mixer pipeline into a single self managing node. Can we invoke it against the manifest from a simple CLI?

If there is not, I want build it! If there is, I will assume it’s complicated and unpopular, so I want to customize and simplify it more!

I think this would be very valuable for the “lone ranger” dev - we hate waste and we’re irrationally cheap. So we want to do the company’s work on a single $5 digital ocean drop, or better yet, a raspberry pi!