Site updates/addressing issues

Further I suggest a tutorial guide for a LEMP Stack not specific to a platform. We use Symfony but writing tutorials for Wordpress is not benefiting a wider audience.

Nginx recommend Mainline, Clear Linux nginx-mainline bundle is close to official build version, minus a few months.

However, bundle nginx (stable) is version 1.14 is actually marked as a Legacy version on Nginx site.

So this it leads us to assume Clear Linux preference is to use nginx-mainline.

In fact Nginx themselves suggest use Mainline over the Stable build even in production.

Since there’s no bundle for MySQL and database-basics is pending Deletion, the LEMP Stack tutorial should make note of this and explain the recommended replacement is currently MariaDB and to detail the tutorial guide based on bundle installation of the mariadb.

Obviously need inclusion thankfully the php-basics bundle status remains at this point Active, so no such stress on this front.


Regarding the requests for highlighting bundles with Deprecated/Pending-Delete status and listing the reasons, I see that this is definitely a gap in our documentation. The workflow we abide by for deprecation/deletion is not very well (if at all) documented.

@biapalmeiro Should this request be routed to the clear-linux-documentation Github repo? The “reasons” may be best tracked alongside the clr-bundles bundle definitions, but I like the idea of the documentation pulling the reasons and clearly highlighting them somewhere in the documentation.

Each bundle on this page should also show version of sources and all included files for convenience reference, because non of this information is even provided on the link github page for the bundle.

Is this a request for the documentation to display the versions of packages for every bundle, and also the files contained in each package?

If so, I’m not sure that this is feasible at the moment. We can certainly generate the metadata in an appropriate format so that the documentation can consume it, but ideally it would need to stay in sync with the Clear Linux OS release cadence, and also provide package version and file listings for the previous N releases as well.

My preference would be to, firstly, improve our tooling to wrap bundle/package/file queries behind a common interface, likely leveraging dnf repoquery to do much of the work.

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It makes sense to me. @mvincerra thoughts? We would do something similar at for consistence.

The gap in the lack of a status could be reflected on this page:

The above page is automated documentation; it’s simply a script I wrote that captures the current state of

I will discuss possible integration of bundle status with @pmccarty and report back.


From a documentation perspective, I can offer this.

To view packages and their versions, you can use DNF. We added a guide recently to “Query package info from upstream repo” , which you may find useful.

I’ll work on adding a status indicator to the Available Bundles on this page:

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Hey @biapalmeiro. My PR was just merged and published, showing color-coded status tags for available bundles. Two major improvements:

  • Adds status tags for ~750 bundles
  • Color codes statuses for “Active,” “WIP”, “Deprecated”, and “Pending-Delete”.
    The latter was part of the original request from @ketonik. FYI: Currently there are no bundles with the tag “Deprecated”, but there will be in the future–that case is handled here too.

Wonderful! Thanks for the update @mvincerra. @ketonik does it address your concern?

Thanks so much for keeping us updated and for the everyones efforts involved.

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