[SOLVED] OpenBlas static libraries and openmp support

Dear all,

I just installed ClearLinux in a VM and checking if there is everything that I need for production. I see that there is openblas as a bundle to add, but I could not find everything from openblas. After a

find / -name “libopenblas*”

it returns some shared libraries (haswell, avx512_1). Are there static libraries? Also, I could not find any reference to openmp support. Is there any? Do I have to compile openblas by myself for this?

Is there any documentation on what flags should I use for ClearLinux and intel processors for gcc? Or only the gcc documentation?


Hello =).

While there is a bundle with the openblas static libraries, these do not have the potential to use the optimized versions for your actual hardware that the dynamic libraries do so if you can avoid using the static libraries I would do so. Currently I see the static libraries are in the R-extras-dev if you can’t avoid using them. Openblas is built with openmp support.

Oh and I should mention if you are interested in how we build openblas it is available in our github packages repo here.

@william.douglas, thank you very much for your answer.