Surround sound on wired earbuds/headphones is sublime but takes a bit of time to set it up

My Tab A’s Atmos/Adapt Sound combo was so good I upgraded my Sennheiser CX Sport bluetooth to the 1more triple driver wired earbud, the World’s First THX® Certified Headphone. If you have a recent Samsung device look into the sound features.

This is my attempt to emulate it on clear. It works on Bluetooth but on wired it’s sublime. I don’t have any surround games. Can someone who does tell me if it works?

The easy bit.
1 Get Pulseaudio volume control

2 The .rpm

3 Install the .rpm
sudo rpm2cpio ~/Downloads/alsa-plugins-vdownmix-1.2.2-2.4.x86_64.rpm | (cd / ; sudo cpio -idv )
Nb this works on most of the .rpm’s I’ve tried.

4 This guy has the settings and instructions you need.

Below here works for speakers

5 Get Pulse effects and load it. I have to click wait twice before it loads.It’s the only slow piece of software I’ve found.

6 Go to or use a synth to generate tones.

7 Work out the lowest frequency that’s a clear tone on your headphones/earbuds/speakers.

8 Select Filter and set a Highpass filter so you can still hear that tone but nothing lower. This works with speakers as well. Sending frequencies to speakers that can’t reproduce them is bad for sound quality.

My ears have been to a LOT of rock bands, niteclubs, dance parties, etc . YMMV on how amazing this part is.

1 Select Equaliser. Select Configure. Select Split Channels.

2 Set the volume to just audible at 1.1k in one ear. Now go through all the bands above your Highpass cutoff and use the EQ to tune the system to just audible over the whole frequency range.Repeat for the other ear. Use slope, quality and frequency to get the curve even flatter.

Atmos/Adapt Sound: Ease of use. 9/10 Quality. 9/10
vdownmix/Pulseaudio Ease of use. 2/10 Quality 7/10 and getting better the more I play with it.

Edit :links Edit 2 Found the Split Channels. Potential quality 30 channel split? 11?

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