Switch default Java to Java 11

I’m coming from Ubuntu 18 and was wondering if switching the default JVM to Java 11 was an option. I see that everything in /usr/bin is symlinks…could I just change them all myself without breaking something? Is there a preferred way? Any other recommended solutions if changing the system’s default Java isn’t recommended? Basically, I’m looking for something like update-alternatives --config java

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Files under /usr are maintained by swupd and it will repair/fix them if it finds they have been tampered with. However, you can use /usr/local to make your own symlinks and thus override PATH order to make your programs use a specific program before another.

Footnote: /usr/local and a few other special places under /usr are not modified by swupd, ever.

Currently our Java champion is planning to solve this issue. Stay tuned.

Great. I got past this issue locally by setting my local JAVA_HOME and doing most everything through maven. Also installing intelliJ directly in my user directory instead of through the flatpak helped tremendously.