The new Intel Arc A750 / A770 GPU

To answer my own question it appears clear linux supports arc out of the box!



There’s a L1.2 substate to reduce power consumption even more.

The difference in exit latency is not even noticeable for most tasks.®-low-power-features

The results are dramatic. Efficient circuit design and modern silicon processes mean that a representative PCI Express 4.0 x4 PHY (4 transceivers plus related digital logic for four lanes) running at the full 16GT/s data rate in L0 consumes somewhere in the range of 400-500mW. Utilizing L1.1, the same PHY’s power consumption drops by a factor of around 20x to consume only 20-30mW. Accepting the slightly longer exit latency of L1.2 permits power consumption to fall by another 10x to a mere 2-3mW.

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Thank you @btwarden !