Trouble installing Clear Linux OS. SGX.

Trouble installing Clear Linux OS.
During the installation process, a message appears: SGX disabled by BIOS. Further installation does not go. At the same time, in the BIOS, the SGX option is in the [Software Controlled] position. Motherboard
Asus PRIME Z490-P, intel 10700 processor.

Make sure your CPU and BIOS combination support it.

Thanks a lot for your answer! But what should I do in the end to install Clear Linux OS?
Or is it not possible?

As far as I understand, there is support for the SGX.

Since your CPU supports it, see if the BIOS selection for SGX can be changed to “hardware” instead of software. If hardware isnt a choice, see if there is an “auto” setting.

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Briefly, the problem is that it is not possible to install Clear Linux OS if the SGX setting in your BIOS is set to Software Controlled.

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