Udev giving "invalid argument" while trying to rename wwan0

CL latest.
ModemManager 1.14.2.

I get this error in the journal
systemd-udevd[252]: wwan0: Failed to rename network interface 3 from ‘wwan0’ to ‘wwp0s20f0u8u1i12’: Invalid argument

The problem leading me to check this error is that when creating a a gsm connection with:

nmcli connection add type gsm con-name lte ifname cdc-wdm0 apn mdatks

It seems like ModemManager connects correctly, and the ip interface it wants to tell networkmanager to use is wwp0s20f0u8u1i12, but the interface networkmanager knows about is wwan0.
So NetworkManage fails to assign an ip since it got no if named wwp*, and sends the message back to ModemManager to disconnect.

Any advice on where the problem lies here ?

For anyone who experience the same, the solution was to add

vi /etc/systemd/network/73-usb-net-by-mac.link

And putting in: