Update 35160 to 35180 Xserver do not work

my udate from 35160 to 35180

the xserver will not work

the new Kernelversion: 5.14.14-1084.native will not work with xserver .the xserver will have kernel 5.13 .

i make sudo swupd repair --version 35160 --force --picky
and the kernel will not go to the old version 5.13 it is works the new version 5.14.

what can i do?? and can not start the x server with the command startx
or startxfce4 this will not work with kernel 5.14 native

Xorg -version
X.Org X Server 1.20.11
X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0
Build Operating System: Linux 5.13.19-1076.native x86_64

You can interrupt the bootloader during boot by holding SPACE. That will let you pick the older kernel.

Thank you . This do not work.

  1. i have bundle-remove the sddm WM

  2. then i do go back version 35110

  3. then bundle-add sddm.service

  4. i make update to 35190 and

  5. then sudo systemctl enable sddm.service

  6. next start and now it will be work normal with sddm WM start and i can login with the WM sddm ( i use awesome and xfce4 without gnome desktop apps )

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