Updates undoes my settings

Whenever I upgrade the system, I have to redo the settings for virtual-hosts to work again in my development environment.

Is there somewhere I can edit that is fixed?

Virtual hosts… are you running Apache ?

Yes, both apache and nginx, I’m using to work.


Which naming/dir are you using ?

/usr/share/defaults/ for all, it was already by default

The -X flag makes Apache run in the foreground, check stderr

You can also run Apache or nginx under strace to get some more feedback :

strace -o trace -f -s 1024 apache2 -X -d $(pwd)/[ApacheRootDir]/ -f  (pwd)/[ApacheRootDir]/[ApacheConf]

What is that for exactly?

Tracing possible errors / getting some more verbose output.


Oh, I see, thank you for your attention, but what I would really like to know is what I can do so when I upgrade the system it will not undo my settings.
I’ve used several linux distros, but this one is different, I’m very lost just in that.

Yes, don’t edit files the files where they are installed as they will be overwritten by design always.

I suggest you read man stateless to learn more about the concept of statelessness (i.e. config changes should be made in /etc). There is even a section on nginx in there.

https://docs.01.org/clearlinux/latest/guides/clear/stateless.html also covers it with apache as the example.


Obrigado! Era isso que eu estava querendo saber!