Use-private-network.service syntax error

I saw ‘Unit use-private-network.service has a bad unit file setting.’ in log. When I check the service file. It has diff mark in it. How can I revert it to a correct version.

From release 18:
* The compatibility launcher is no longer isolated in its own
network namespace, since the SELinux APIs require access to the
root network namespace. If you package the launcher with SELinux
disabled, you can get back the old behavior by using
PrivateNetwork=true in your dbus service file.

diff --git a/src/units/system/ b/src/units/system/
index 4155630…97f1655 100644
— a/src/units/system/
+++ b/src/units/system/
@@ -14,6 +14,7 @@ LimitNOFILE=16384
ExecStart=@bindir@/dbus-broker-launch --scope system --audit
ExecReload=@bindir@/busctl call org.freedesktop.DBus /org/freedesktop/DBus org.freedesktop.DBus ReloadConfig

or anyone can paste a correct version of this service unit file for me?

I install a new clear linux instance in virtual machine, I found that the file is corrupt too. So it should be a bug in the original package included in the bundle.

this file can be found here:

thanks, the original service unit file is broken too, that should be a bug from the developer.

you can report this on clearlinux/distribution repository