"Verifying staged files" is soooo sloooooooooooooow

“Verifying staged files” is really slow.

Can’t clearlinux add an option to the installer for lower powered computer or laptops for checking the files with a lower sha256sum to speed things up?

I’m all for security but that seems a bit over the top for your average home user , i can’t think of any other distro that spends that amount of time hash checking.

swupd and tools use a SHA256 hash function.

We can not and will not go lower, as this would compromise security beyond a reasonable level.

Unfortunately, while it “seems” over the top, it absolutely is not.

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My comment about it being over the top wasn’t articulated very well as i wrongly assumed it was using sha512 as i’ve never seen a distro hash that slow or for that length of time, i didn’t realize it was already using sha256.