Web Server Load Testing Tools available?

What Web Server Load Testing Tools available in bundles on Clear Linux and what are people here using?

Perform test as detailed here:

I search for all these below and no results:
ApacheBench https://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/programs/ab.html








I know that performance-tools bundle has siege.

You’ll likely find some more in the phoronix-test-suite, too.

Okay, well the performance-tools bundle is mostly monitoring tools rather than testing tools, and I don’t fancy having to download ltp at 800MB for one tool either.

phoronix-test-suite seems to be a desktop based package that doesn’t have anything i’m looking to achieve.

wrk is a HTTP benchmarking tool for generating significant load on Nginx so we can figure out how many Requests/sec it can handle so as to then adjust nginx config.

We’d need something like:
wrk/wrk2 (which seems to be the go to tool for nginx testing)

Goloris - slowloris[1] for nginx DoS

Maybe i’ll submit a request for these maybe a different bundle though http-testing