Where is openssl.lua? File is missing

I was experimenting with nmap and while I do not know enough to be remotely dangerous one NSE would not run because it was missing the openssl.lua.

But since the doc is present I suppose the file should too. I will create a github ticket.

$ sudo swupd search-file openssl.lua
Downloading all Clear Linux manifests

Searching for 'openssl.lua'

Bundle nmap [installed] (120 MB on system)

Is the NSE being pointed to the appropriate directory? If you have the NSE looking in the wrong place it will never find it.

the file openssl.lua does not exist in the installation even though the “luadoc” does.

$ sudo find / -iname  openssl.lua

What was the application of the command? I assume you have lua and its packages? If those are needed and the lua doc was created on one end to communicate with expected packages that it cant find? Just giving it my best guess honestly.