Why is GIMP installed?

n the installer, in the advanced settings, there is a choice: whether to install GIMP and by default the tick is unchecked, but after installing GIMP there is a system, why?

It was only 5 minutes that I started to learn Clear OS, is it worth continuing if there are already errors?

This is likely installed by other bundles, like desktop.

❯ sudo swupd search gimp -a
Component gimp has version 2.10.18

Bundle with the best search result:
     gimp                               - GNU Image Manipulation Program.  (225MB) (installed)

This bundle can be installed with:

  swupd bundle-add  gimp

Alternative bundle options are
     devpkg-gimp                        - All content for pkgconfig file gimp.pc.  (157MB) (installed)
     education                          - Educational applications.  (2MB) 
     desktop-apps-extras                - Larger set of applications for the desktop.  (433MB) 
     os-testsuite-phoronix              - Run the Phoronix test suite.  (1MB) 
     os-testsuite-phoronix-desktop      - Run the Phoronix test suite (desktop version).  (215MB) 
     desktop                            - Run the GNOME GUI desktop environment.  (357MB) (installed)
     desktop-dev                        - All packages required to build the desktop bundle.  (2956MB) (installed)