Anyone using the Intel VTune Profiler on Clear Linux?

Intel Vtune Profiler Introduction

Vtune Profiler Manual

Vtune Profiler Cookbook

Online Training

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Before trying it myself, i am curious if anyone was able to get this running already.

Did you run into any major issues or compatibility problems getting it working on Clear Linux ?

Does the analysis provide useful insights ?

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Sorry, I last used Intel vTune in 1997 to profile a series of internally written applications. Can’t help you here. Too far down the road.

It’s been around that long already?

I’ve used Intel Advisor (and played a bit with VTune) on Clear Linux, as part of their DPC++ suite. Especially in older versions, you might have some missing driver/libraries warnings, but everything works just fine with no visible issue as far as I can tell.

Quite useful, especially when combined with Nsight to profile GPU computing.

Thanks for your input… we will give it a spin here :wink:

I do. I am a Intel OneApi fanboy and i use all of Intels analyze tools, Vtune, Advisor, Intel GDB and Intel ITT/JIT profiling API. Also finding it hard to not use OneApi DPL with its nice higher level sycl interfaces in any code i write now.

I can honestly say ClearLinux is the worst developer platform for OneApi, Use Fedora or Ubuntu instead if you want to do/use any OneAPi tools in your development, i tried having ClearLinux as a daily OS for OneAPi but its messy.

You would think Intel ClearLinux and Intel OneAPi would make the perfect developer desktop workstation setup, Intel OneApi being a first class citizen on Intel ClearLinux desktop. But sadly its not.

Just My 2 cents.

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There’s some work to be done then… thanks for your input :wink: