AOSP Development

Has anyone been successfully working AOSP development in Clear? I’m really starting to enjoy this and am looking to start using this as my daily development machine except it’s been a bit difficult (as in it’s not as simple just running a few commands to install all the packages I need) to get up and going for AOSP.


Most of the tools made by google are download, extract, run quality. Having them as native packages doesn’t really add too much value since their software already behaves really well this way.

Right, I was actually referring to the different packages that Google does not supply for the Android framework ( I’m not talking about only creating APKs but working on the entire Android OS. Will we need to build a hodge-podge of 32-bit packages and other things that are not provided in the system?

I come from the Ubuntu side of things and just looking to see what I’m up against. As outlined in the link above, it’s fairly simple to get up and going in that OS.

Thanks for your reply.

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We have quite a lot of 32bit libraries available because the games bundle sucks them in (steam, wine etc). We’re quite happy to add more to them since most of them are relatively easy to do - our build system and autospec make it relatively simple for straightforward cases.

If you run into a missed one, feel free to ask. Usually it’s solved and added quickly.

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I managed to get this up and going, it was actually fairly simple when not trying to build our custom Android device. I wound up building the latest release for my Pixel 2 XL, and well, it it took over five hours. I was a bit surprised by this because I was banking on the increased performance of Clear. Any thoughts on this?

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