At command for scheduling a command once

I used to use the at command to schedule a command to execute once at a specified time. Can this tool be installed in Clear Linux?
I am not finding a suitable bundle.

I haven’t tried this, but see:


Ugh… this should work, but it’s quite the hack… So no way to use atd under Clear?

It’s not a hack. It’s a standard systemd mechanism to provide the same capability without having to run a dedicated daemon all the time.

Simpler example, closer to at syntax:

$ systemd-run --user --on-calendar='14:50' sleep 30
Running timer as unit: run-r6fbf98bb0af44e608328a35e1f66e994.timer
Will run service as unit: run-r6fbf98bb0af44e608328a35e1f66e994.service
$ journalctl -u run\* --user
-- Logs begin at Mon 2021-01-11 09:06:36 PST, end at Fri 2021-01-15 14:50:30 PST. --
Jan 15 14:50:00 clr systemd[529]: Started /usr/bin/sleep 30.
Jan 15 14:50:30 clr systemd[529]: run-r6fbf98bb0af44e608328a35e1f66e994.service: Succeeded.

You could always compile and install atd in /usr/local/sbin if you prefer, though.


I think I see your point now: if there’s already a daemon which is able to schedule commands at arbitrary times, why should I use another competing service that does exactly the same?

I guess I need to get used to the new syntax.