Boot/installation Windows after CL or vice versa & portproton dependencies & CL recovery


I`m have few questions.

The first question is about launching OS after copying / moving partitions from the beginning of the disk to the end. What is the best way to do this for a successful launch. Move using the program to the end of the disk or create new partitions and copy existing partitions there? (All this I’m planned to make todo via Gparted.)
The question arose due to the need to install Windows (all version from 7 to 11 suitable, but I’m don’t installed any, however, all successfully installed on gnome-boxes).
For some reason it does not want to be installed in the end of the disk. I understand that here you can find a solution with installation … if there are options, please write.
(How I’m make wrongly in process with installation Windows as second system after CL or some advice with moving clear linux to the end of disk.)

(This is probably due to the already installed EFI partition for CL, which Windows cannot write information to, but these are just assumptions.)

Clear linux is my main system. Very fast and stable.

The second question. Help install dependencies for portproton[1].

A very good solution for running some games. However, dependencies are more difficult to install than on any other Linux distribution.

Third question. I’m have root partition with home included folder. I’m don’t remember why but efi partition for this (currently second cl os system, but before this is 1st cl system. (Win + cl before, currently cl (on place of win) + some unallocated space and cl root partition.) system disappear.

So, for me need repair this second cl system via create efi partition. How best todo this? Maybe its easy making via 1st CL terminal or USB with cl.

Any advice?



  1. GitHub - Castro-Fidel/PortWINE

Maybe this due to CL efi partition created bios-like but disk in gpt format. And due to this Windows (in uefi mode installation) don’t writing to efi.

I’m dont remember due to what cl installed syslinux for boot. Maybe due to I’m installed cl in bios mode (in pc settings) but all disk in gpt format (via gparted or instaler (its maybe same) tuning, but it’s unralated to problem )

At that time I didn’t understand the difference between bios/uefi and mbr/gpt.

Main question - how to change bios-like loader to truly uefi loader. Any program or command to make it on fly?

Due to this Win don’t start.