BTRFS Compression install results *good*

I use the Desktop Image for casual productivity and use, making my cheap laptop much faster compared to win11. I did a post install BTRFS with default LZO compression conversion and it reduced the fresh install size by ~50% to only 5gb.

Benchmarks done…modest differences to performance for SSD space gained.

There are other options for compressed BTRFS conversion. Sha2 checksum can be enabled when doing “btrfs-convert” instead of crc32c, which is hardwave accelerated on most x64 cpu’s since about 5 years ago if file integrity is important to you. I did the conversion after booting, but better to do it after install in the live usb. My CPU does not support crc32c.

If I get enough requests for a guide, I will make one with all options available to customize to your hardware.