Cant access Environment variables in ide terminal

I cant access sdks and packages installed from terminal of installed Android studio , VS code and Intellij Idea from flatpak. Getting Command not found unless i navigate to .bashrc and run
source .bashrc
but this only works for the current session

This is a well-known caveat of using flatpacks. They are sandboxed and ship with their own runtime and generally cannot see your toolchain. As far as for ide, flatpaks are virtually useless for this reason, unless you build a complete dev environment inside this sandbox which can be difficult to do, and take up a lot of time and space without ever actually working the way you want. Much better to install natively. They all have supported tarballs. For vscode I like using rpm so I don’t have to bother with desktop entries for icons and such. I have a hackable repo for installing vscode from rpm here: There is also a work-in-progress branch for installing from tarball instead (PR’s welcome).

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