Clear Linux Desktop GUI Disappeared

I have been using the clear linux desktop for almost a year now, but today when I turned on the computer I can only use terminal mode. Does anyone know how I can “turn-on” the GUI again?

Do you use nvidia cards?

I do use Nvidia cards.

If you are on 34900, you probably ran into the issue where the GCC version no longer matches the GCC version that built the kernel. 34910 should fix this problem when it comes out.

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You rock! Thank you for sharing this bug with me.

You are welcome. My system still has not updated yet so I still have the same problem.

I’ve the same problem. Boots into login terminal.
Do I have to run a command to get the update, or is it auto updating?


I do not have an nvidia card, but encountered a similar issue recently. I can log into i3 or sway and launch terminals, but not GUI programs such as dmenu, emacs, or Firefox (but I can, e.g., run emacs in the terminal).

EDIT: works again on 34930

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How did you get it to work? I just updated to 34940 and I am still getting sent to the terminal. Were there other steps you took besides the “sudo swupd update”?

I am running “startx” in my terminal to get to gnome. This is clearly not the same as having the clear linux gui, but better than nothing. Any advice for how to restore the gui fully would be much appreciated.