Clear Linux OS will be reducing its Java footprint

Clear Linux OS will be reducing its Java footprint to a size consistent with other rolling release distros. By the end of January of 2020, Clear Linux Project will only provide the following Java content:

  • OpenJDK in multiple versions, available both for developers as well as used by Clear itself to build a select number of packages
  • apache-ant, bazel, libreoffice, R-rstudio will continue to be included

All other Java packages will be removed, including the ones in the following bundles:

  • apache-flink
  • apache-tomcat
  • big-data-basic
  • cassandra
  • elasticsearch

We understand this may significantly impact some users. We appreciate your understanding while we go through this transition.

Thank you!

Clear Linux OS team


It would be helpful if you could provide the list of those packages.

And in future if anyone opened an issue to request those packages, we can refer them here.