Docker Desktop anyone?

Has Docker Desktop been ported to CL?

At least Podman Desktop offers a Flatpak.

You can run Docker Desktop extract the .rpm and perform some steps.

If you want to use DD to develop for commercial use, remember you should pay for the license. If you don’t want to perform that, set up Podman Desktop as @Aqua1ung said.

Looks like Portainer might be a solution, and it comes as a Docker container itself.

I suggested Podman Desktop, as Podman has quite a few pros :

Can I use Podman Desktop without installing Podman?

Yes, it supports multiple container engines, including Docker.

As far as I can tell from installing the flatpak package, the Podman Desktop flatpak will not work without Podman already installed.

Podman is not running any daemons like Docker, they won’t bite each other, so no worries.

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