Documentation updates (Nov10-16, 2019)

Following is a summary of revised Clear Linux OS Docs:



  • PR 921 Published: Linkcheck is a validation script (no docs)

  • PR 920, 893 Published: Deep Learning Reference Stack
    Updates export URL for kubeflow and URL for Istio.

  • PR 916 Published: Telemetrics
    Explains that to enable telemetrics you must “opt-in” and defines privacy policies.

  • PR 912 Published: Stateless

  • PR 906 Published: Presentation layer changes (no docs). Modifies tcs_theme.css.


It’s great to see my suggestions to improve the Stateless guide being published. Clear Linux is improving and getting more user friendly. Right now it is my favourite distribution for research and production.


Thank you for being part of our community and help us to improve the project. Welcome! :slight_smile:

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