Fail to boot after USB install onto ssd

I decided to give this OS a try as I have used Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, Mint, and other flavors before. I created the bootable USB and ran the prechecks; everything checked out good. So I install ClearLinux onto my ssd. After reboot I can’t get the correct EFI boot or something. Everything I try either comes back with no bootable media or I get “Failed to open file: EFI\org.clearlinux\freestanding-00-intel-code.cpio
Trying to load files to higher address
Failed to open file: EFI\org.clearlinux\freestanding-00-intel-code.cpio”

This is an older Dell Latitude series laptop running an older version Intel Core i7 processor. I check the compatibility and everything on the processor end is within recommendations.

I could use some direction if anybody doesn’t mind helping a newbie to ClearLinux.


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Update the BIOS.

And do you have other OS installed?

Dell Bios is fully up to date.

No other OS on ssd drive.

Were you able to boot into the live installer image?

Yes, I can run ClearLinux using the USB.
I then performed the installation using the “install ClearLinux” from the live image onto my SSD drive.
After I reboot I can still boot into the USB live but I cannot get ClearLinux to boot from my SSD.

If you press and hold space bar during boot, you may be able to see the boot menu of systemd-boot. Can you try that?