Filezilla filetype association [BUG]

Hi to everyone, i am really starting to love clear Linux and trying to adjust it for everyday use!

My problem is with filezilla. I am trying to associate gedit so i can edit files but it doesn’t work.

I am trying at filetype association of filezilla this for example:
css /usr/bin/gedit
But i get the error not found.

Do you i have to try something or it’s a bug?

Thanks and keep up optimizing clear linux it’s a really promising OS.

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Just some background on why you’re probably encountering this:

Filezilla is installed through a Flatpak on Clear Linux. This is one of the limitations of Flatpak unfortunately.
Flatpak provides its own runtime and is isolated from most applications installed natively on the Clear Linux host, like gedit.

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Thanks a lot for your reply, I understand.

Is there a workaround or another FTP client suggested by Clear Linux?

EDIT: I tried gftp bunble and it worked perfect with gedit!