Firefox update destroy my history and login info

Yesterday my system worked normally and firefox
Today I turned on the computer and went into firefox and the first thing I noticed was that all my bookmarks had disappeared as well as the browsing history … I have a lot of important sites saved, as well as passwords. My add ons were also deleted, literally everything was run over. I don’t know what to do, can I help? I don’t know how to regain the lost History and passwords.

The current version of Firefox is 88.0.1

I am desperate, you can help me


It’s solved

go to: about:profiles

we have two profiles Profile: default-release and Profile: default

one is a new clean, one is old

by default it opened that new one after the update…I do not know why…

this has never happened to me before

if anyone has a problem it is the solution, trifle and annoys a man :smiley:


You may have moved on by now, but… as far as I know there’s no way to delete a history entry (or state).

One option I’ve been looking into is to handle the history yourself in JavaScript and use the window.history object as a carrier of sorts.

Basically, when the page first loads you create your custom history object (we’ll go with an array here, but use whatever makes sense for your situation), then do your initial pushState . I would pass your custom history object as the state object, as it may come in handy if you also need to handle users navigating away from your app and coming back later.

Same happened to me, but because I have a Firefox account I was able to get the bookmarks and history. However, your solution is better :sweat_smile: