Gnome Files app is not working

Current Info:

Upgraded from 32800 to 32810 and Gnome Files app is not at all opening. Should I revert to 32800?

By the way I upgraded from 32760 to 32780 before roll back by ClearLinux team. At that point in time 32780 was working normally. I was able to upgrade to 32800 this morning. And few hours later again upgraded to 32810. That’s when Gnome Files stopped working.

Let me know if any logs required.

Found error using dmesg

[   17.434540] traps: nautilus[949] trap int3 ip:7fdf3051c61b sp:7ffcfcacb530 error:0 in[7fdf304b2000+b9000]
[   47.749528] traps: nautilus[1262] trap int3 ip:7f705057161b sp:7ffe4d92f3b0 error:0 in[7f7050507000+b9000]
[   67.771073] traps: nautilus[1365] trap int3 ip:7f210762861b sp:7ffe32251e40 error:0 in[7f21075be000+b9000]
[  419.527533] traps: nautilus[1850] trap int3 ip:7f912981061b sp:7ffcb9de4a10 error:0 in[7f91297a6000+b9000]
[ 1113.722614] traps: nautilus[2710] trap int3 ip:7f8ec845261b sp:7ffc3ffa58d0 error:0 in[7f8ec83e8000+b9000]
[ 1115.449116] traps: nautilus[2821] trap int3 ip:7fcd7ed0361b sp:7ffc015b6540 error:0 in[7fcd7ec99000+b9000]
[ 1141.736522] traps: nautilus[2857] trap int3 ip:7ff469fa161b sp:7ffcac9e2c20 error:0 in[7ff469f37000+b9000]
[ 1142.843288] traps: nautilus[2902] trap int3 ip:7f7a3568c61b sp:7ffcea1dbba0 error:0 in[7f7a35622000+b9000]

Let me also check if my computer has this issue for any specific reason.

Oops! I had removed below bundles (as not needed) and it caused this issue.

  1. gnome-todo
  2. gnome-system-monitor
  3. gnome-music
  4. gnome-logs
  5. gnome-photos

Let me check the exact dependent bundle.

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gnome-photos is the dependent bundle for Files or nautilus to work normally.