Header files weren't updated for 6.7 kernel

for example, if_link.h is outdated, so none of the NETKIT enums exist.

i manually copied the linux-6.7/usr/include/linux directory from the kernel source release on GitHub and copied it at /usr/include/linux . solves the problem for now

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Our glibc headers (“uapi”) as provided by the kernel for ring 3 applications by policy follow the LTS kernel – so 6.6 not 6.7.

copying all the kernel headers is not a great solution and not recommended by the kernel developers – they have a curated set of specific headers (‘uapi’) that are suitable for application use…

how would you suggest solving this problem in the interim then?

well first… what are you trying to do ?

create netkit device pairs with netlink… so i need to have the various enum values available: IFLA_NETKIT_MODE, IFLA_NETKIT_POLICY, IFLA_NETKIT_PEER_POLICY, IFLA_NETKIT_PEER_INFO, and NETKIT_DROP. compiles and runs after my hack.