How can I configure digikam in french

Hello there,
I’m testing Clear Linux for desktop usage and I don’t know how to configure digikam in french.
Gnome desktop is in french and when I have installed pidgin, its interface is in french. Great !
Same question for Libreoffice although using the flatpak version I have a french interface but not for the bundle version.

From its website:


If you installed digiKam using your Linux distribution package, language files should
be included with it and you can run digiKam in any supported language.

You can change the default language by using Help Menu in digiKam.

If you don’t find the required language in it, you can add a language by
installing that particular language pack. For example, in debian based distros,
if you want to add “french” language, you can do it by following:

# sudo apt-get install language-pack-kde-fr-base

So I guess you need to install a KDE language package, if it’s not already installed.
But I cannot find such bundle. Maybe you need to file a package request for French language.

Thank you for your answer.
Should I create an issue in github or a post in wishlist section ?

Since I’m not using KDE, I’m not sure whether the French language localisation is indeed not available in swupd.
But if it is, you can create an issue on GitHub.

done :