How long did it take for you to install ClearLinux?

How long did it take for you to install ClearLinux from start to finish compared to other popular gnome based distro’s like Manjaro or Ubuntu?

Can you post your experiences.


Its very fast. I didn’t time it, but the whole process took approximately 5 minutes on my laptop.

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Slow-ish, over moderate internet and on a slow computer. But for me it’s a one time thing so I just stepped away and came back roughly an hour later and it was complete.

Are you sure you done a full install and not just booted the live disk or VM?

100% certain. I have a very fast, very new laptop.

Well something seems to have improved as i have a friend with a really old sandybridge i5-2400 with 8GB of ram and he gave up previously trying to install clearlinux as it was taking over a hour but he has just managed to install the latest 32370 version including extra bundles in 38Mins.

Still not as fast as a Manjaro or Ubuntu install but still better than it was previously.

I’ve got a ThinkPad with the i5 10210U, an SSD, and 16GB of RAM. So the hardware might have something to do with it. For me, the install process was extremely fast.

Also for me it was fast, and I installed on a Huawei Matebook 13 Amd with 8 GB of Ram SSD Ryzen 5 2500 U.
It will be slower if you crypt the disk

It takes a very long time to install.
CPU A8-6410 RAM 8gb ssd 128GB miniSATA internet 100 gbit/sec
there is a second hour of installation
half of “Installing base OS and configured bundles”