How to add Onedrive mount ability to Clear Linux

Hello anyone.
I hear about GNOME 46 release changelogs is Nautilus can mount Onedrive on it, but it need libmsgraph (I guess) to enable this feature. I search it with swupd, and libmsgraph on os-utils-gui-dev bundle. This bundle very bloated because I don’t want add other desktop (xfce4-desktop is it dependency). My question is how to add Onedrive support on Nautilus without make my system bloater than now (my system very bloated because I need tecla, and it on desktop-dev bundle)? Thanks for your reply, and sorry my English.

Dependencies for libmsgraph :


You can install each with either swupd or compile it yourself.

I think it is not supported officially with GNOME for Nautilus integration

How to get libsoup3 and libgcc?

sudo swupd bundle-add devpkg-libsoup

sudo swupd bundle-add devpkg-gcc

I can’t get devpkg-gcc on my system, like this

Sorry, I not usually compiling package. Where I get this runtime dependencies?

i@clr~ $ sudo swupd search-file libuhttpmock
Downloading all Clear Linux manifests

Searching for 'libuhttpmock'

Bundle devpkg-uhttpmock (36 MB to install)

You can use sudo swupd search-file to search for exact matches in the clear repo. If your dependency not available you’ll have to build it yourself

I get this

Ok, I’ll compile it later

if you’re still unable to compile it, you can export PKG_CONFIG_PATH as an environment variable if you haven’t already.

echo export PKG_CONFIG_PATH='/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig:/usr/local/lib64/pkgconfig:/usr/lib64/pkgconfig:/usr/lib64/haswell/pkgconfig:/usr/lib/pkgconfig' >> ~/.bashrc

I still haven’t idea how to compile it :sweat_smile:
So, do you have any advice to me?

i think there’s different in the lib name, the required one is libuhttpmock-1.0. maybe this is the problem