How to install enpass on clear linux

Thought I would save someone some time. I borrowed the Google Chrome post installation method.

Step by step process

  1. Open a terminal
  2. Run the following command to obtain root privileges
sudo -s

and type your admin password.
3. Run the following commands, one by one:

swupd bundle-add package-utils
curl -LO
rpm -U --nodeps enpass*.rpm
  1. Now you can delete the .rpm package and, if you don’t need it , the package-utils bundle. To do this run the following commands, one by one:
rm -f enpass*.rpm
swupd bundle-remove package-utils


Enpass is not open source. Instead, I would recommend keepassxc which is bundled, and is open source. It also is cross platform and clients even exist for android, so you can sync your passdb’s even to your phone.

For an open source solution I would probably use bitwarden. I think there is a flatpak on flathub for it. Close to enpass in functionality. I’ve been using enpass for years and have a license for it for all the platforms I use and would like to keep using it but thanks for the suggestion.