How to Install NVIDIA Docker for Multi-GPU Support for h2oGPT Usage on Clear Linux

I’m trying to set up NVIDIA Docker on Clear Linux for multi-GPU support, specifically for h2oGPT usage. Has anyone successfully set up NVIDIA Docker for multi-GPU support on Clear Linux? I’d appreciate any guidance, tips, or shared experiences.

Thank you in advance for your help!

How to install NVIDIA Container Toolkit on Clear Linux? My goal is to run GPU-enabled Docker containers, but I’ve encountered challenges along the way.

Currently, I have the NVIDIA driver and GPU set up as follows:

  • NVIDIA-SMI: Version 535.104.05, CUDA Version: 12.2
  • NVLink Status: All links are showing 14.062 GB/s.
  • CUDA Compiler (nvcc): Version 11.0, built on Wed_Jul_22_19:09:09_PDT_2020
  • Docker Default Runtime: Set to “nvidia”

Despite these configurations, I’m unable to run GPU-enabled containers successfully. If anyone has insights or has faced similar challenges on Clear Linux, your guidance would be invaluable.