How to update system firmware

There’s a new system firmware release available for my machine ( I don’t currently have anything set up in Clear Linux to apply firmware updates so I checked to see what’s available with swupd search fwupd. This listed both fwupdate and firmware-update. I have no idea which is the right bundle, so I just tried adding the fwupd bundle.

When I run fwupdmgr get-updates it tells me I have ‘no remotes configured’, so it appears just installing the bundle isn’t enough.

Does anyone know whether fwupdate or firmware-update is the best bundle to use, and, in either case, where I can find out how to get the update working?

Furthermore after installation fwupdmgr get-devices tells me it’s Unable to determine EFI system partition location. I’m a bit confused about this - mount doesn’t show any efi partitions as mounted, yet I have a /boot/EFI directory.

I’m wondering whether I might need to reinstall a small Windows partition to get my firmware updated.

This bundle and the content needs work. There are several issues that we’ve not gotten to, including the one you listed. Upstream has been helpful, so, we just need to put some time into it to get it working for those who need/want it. Note: we disabled it in the past due to some hardware actually breaking. While that seems fixed now, we never properly refitted everything back together.

Thanks for the update @ahkok. I guess that means a Windows partition is the answer for the time being.

Not necessarily - most firmwares nowadays can be put as a file on the ESP and then just loaded from the BIOS screen - no Windows needed.

I’ll have a look into that but … what’s an ‘ESP’?

Never mind - wikipedia to the rescue -

As far as I can find so far Dell only distributes the BIOS update as a windows .exe. But I’ll keep digging.

Put both FreeDos and your update on a stick, no Windows needed.

Use UNetbootin :

Or download manually

The BIOS updates are distributed as win32 executables (thanks Dell). There might be another source for updates somewhere but I haven’t found anything yet.

OK I managed to do this without reinstalling Windows (phew).

It turns out that the BIOS has its own update facility that knows how to extract the bios data from a Dell-supplied .exe: