Hyper V Issue with Disk(s) critical IO errors


I’m using the clear-30970-hyperv.vhdx and all is running well. When I try installing a desktop it gets either close or 100% and I then receive Disk(s) encountered critical IO errors.

FYI - I have gone through the awesome tutorial on how to increase the disk size.

Any help will be highly appreciated!!


Does this only happen with Clearlinux or other distros too?

Have you please check the logs for hyper-v and post what they say?.

Can you hare the output of df -h?

Thanks for the responses! So it turned out it was the drives that I was using.

I have the desktop installed. However, it still boots to the command line. How do I boot it up into the desktop GUI?


It was only happening on Clearlinux but I switched over to a different drive and it worked great.

Just don’t know how to boot into the desktop. It still boots to the command line. Says the desktop is installed though when I search. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, I don’t have those drives setup anymore. They were USB 3 drives I was trying to use. So maybe that was it. :slight_smile:

Still booting to the command line, trying to figure out how to get it to boot to the desktop. It does say it is installed.

Thanks again for the reply!!

Nevermind on the help starting the desktop. I dunno why I didn’t try startx before. :frowning:

Thanks for all the replies!!

Glad you got it figured out. You can also install the desktop-autostart bundle if you don’t want to launch it manually.

I have similar issues on the current native kernel on a “normal” computer. (IO Errors on nvme0 with hanging system for 1 or 2 Minutes)

I switched back to the LTS kernel and errors disappears.

So perhaps in the current native kernel is some IO or Buffer issue in it.