I switched to Ubuntu Linux for the time being

I see, so far the GPUs Intel are developing seems good, I wouldn’t mind to get them to replace NVIDIA’s if they have a better price/performance ratio (like, I don’t care about brands, I just stick to whatever offers a better product lol). More competition is always welcome, not only because companies do some actual effort to offer better products, but also because people has more to choose from regarding budgets, features, etc.

Anyway, regarding swupd here, I’m not sure if it’s possible, but rather than maintaining NVIDIA’s driver compatibility… some workaround could be, like, blacklisting directories/files? So swupd doesn’t touch them while updating and repairing, since I read the docs and it says that with updates there is a risk that you have to reinstall NVIDIA’s drivers manually.

I for example have some modules disabled/blacklisted in my CL installation such as Intel’s Management Engine Interface, since it gives ugly errors at boot saying that couldn’t be enabled or something like that anyway. Maybe something similar for this can be done? Where you say to swupd what stuff should ignore so it doesn’t break NVIDIA’s stuff?

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