Installation issue

Hello, I’m new in Linux I see this distro today and I want to use it but I have this issue with the installation

I also wonder if it’s possible to install window manager like Openbox it will be great or other desktop environments

Run this command in the terminal :

nano /root/clr-installer.log

and send the result here.

I tried installing Clear Linux without internet connection the first time and the installation failed, on my second attempt, I did everything exactly the same but connected to WiFi before starting the installation and everything went smoothly. I’m not actually sure if connecting to the internet was what resolved the issue though, the installation failure could have been caused by some other random bug I guess.

The Clear Linux installer is basically a network installer - while it may work without a connection, we don’t test it that way and it may get grumpy. The first thing the install will do is update to the latest version.