New Computer Specs?

Hello, I want to buy a new computer next month with a budget of around 2000 euros. I’m thinking:

  • AMD Ryzen 3900X
  • AMD RX 5700 XT
  • 750W PSU
  • 32 Gigs of RAM (4 sticks at 3600 MHz)
  • 500 GB M.2 hard drive
  • X570 Motherboard

Are these good specs? Will they work with the latest kernels? Do you think I should not buy stuff this good? I’m thinking of 3900X cause I’m building some programs and also will use it for Game Development. Do you think it’s too much maybe? Also will these work with Clear Linux?

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Nice config. Im going to buy a similiar rig. According to phoronix newer AMD chips do work

You might search on Phoronix with ryzen as keyword maybe I have missed something.

But im not 100% sure if everything is enabled under the hood
eg.: microcode

For compiling the Ryzen 3900X is great :wink:

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