Not able to run piglit tool

I am trying to run piglit tool on APL NUC but its getting failed during build itself below is the logs

[ 26%] Built target rg-teximage-01
[ 26%] Building C object target_api/gl/tests/texturing/CMakeFiles/tex-upside-down-miptree.dir/tex-upside-down-miptree.c.o
during GIMPLE pass: vect
/home/clear-native/piglit/tests/texturing/tex-upside-down-miptree.c: In function ‘setup_texture’:
/home/clear-native/piglit/tests/texturing/tex-upside-down-miptree.c:130:1: internal compiler error: in fold_convert_loc, at fold-const.c:2429
  130 | setup_texture(void)
      | ^~~~~~~~~~~~~
Please submit a full bug report,
with preprocessed source if appropriate.
See <> for instructions.

Can you confirm the commands you’re running to get to this point? Is it directly from here

i followed below steps
sudo apt-get install cmake g++ mesa-common-dev libgl1-mesa-dev python-numpy python-mako freeglut3-dev x11proto-gl-dev libxrender-dev libwaffle-dev cmake .
$ make

and during make it got failed with that error

If you’re not using Clear Linux, this forum may not be the best place for support on that subject.
The piglit project or Ubuntu community can probably help better.

i am sorry i executed only ccmake . and make and resolved all required library to run piglit but still its failing .

I am trying it on clear linux machine