oFono implementation

I wonder why oFono is missing from ClearLinux and if somebody will ever add it in a future update.
I’m having a tough time getting it to work properly since there’s no package out there(on this website) and even building from source results in warnings and errors. I managed to make it work, albeit partially, but it’s still a mess to configure, also because of the amount of libraries that clear linux actually lacks, so much that no matter what I open, there are always warnings of something missing, system wide, for most applications (on a clean install).
I was expecting to be able to use an EVB kit with qualcomm modems to be able to send/receive calls without having to use minicom AND with the possibility to use audio-over-usb with ALSA, so that I won’t have to connect a dedicated headset just for the EVB kit.
I can use a dedicated audio card for that but it gets clumsy and annoying. Also, whenever I install ModemManager GUI with oFono, I can’t send/receive SMS (I can without it) and the voice call option never appears in the GUI (while it should) even though I can actually place calls through serial.

Would asterisk be another option? Or, to rephrase, does anybody have first hand experience in this sector/software?

Anyway, 4G/5G modems in mpcie/m2 format, with data/GPS/voice, are not something new(some are decades old) and oFono is even owned by Intel. Having an Intel OS without Intel software sounds sketchy.

Any information/suggestion/consideration will be greatly appreciated.