Outdated download links?

I wonder if this is a bug (failing automation) or if there a reason that the download link seems to be outdated.

Downloads | Clear Linux* Project provides version 40690, (18. Jan 2024) like:

where I can see the CDN has a version from February (40750)

The version linked on the Downloads has had (a bit) more testing and is deemed to be (a bit more) stable than the version automatically propagated to the CDN.
@william.douglas do you want to expand on the process?


I have a question regarding that, but is there like a “stable” branch of CL and a more unstable one? The OS works fine for me, but from time to time updates tends to break some stuff.

No. There was some talk about having a ‘canary’ channel at one point, but that never materialized. If you ever want to roll Clear Linux out in production, it’s recommended to distribute a mix of Clear Linux - that way you can control when to rebase to upstream. For an enduser that is just relying on upstream, the only control you have is to turn off auto-update and update manually (ideally when major components haven’t recently changed)