Patches Fail to Apply

i’m following the instructions exactly from Kernel development — Documentation for Clear Linux* project but the patches from GitHub - clearlinux-pkgs/linux fail to apply? am i doing something wrong or?

i see in the linux.spec file that only some of the patches are enabled, so only those need to be applied, despite the outdated directions. yet even still a bunch of those ones don’t even apply.

Are you using the exact same kernel version that we use?
(and apply them in the same order)


maybe the problem was application order, because if one just copies the wildcard directive patch application command from the documentation… most of them fail. but i realized this step isn’t requried if you’re just building the kernel… only if you need to modify it.

there are 3 failing patches though when the actual build occurs, and one module that isn’t built because the config option has been removed.

correction, none of the modules are being built for me. so i’m trying an explicit “make modules” now.