Permissions problem with nginx

Hi, I’m using Clear Linux for the first time with nginx-php-fpm, I’m having a problem related to permissions, despite changing the permissions manually to nobody in /var/lib/nginx directory, it seems that with updates (or maybe server restart), it recovers the httpd owner, is there any way to avoid this happening?

I am thinking what you are trying to do is a “Do not do” withing the /var/lib/nginx directory. I believe the more recent Linux deployments which Clear Linux is one, user modification of the /var/lib directories are controlled by the Operating system, not intended to be modified maintained by users. The user root can make changes but as you have noticed when the system boot it is configured back to it’s default when it was installed. See if there is a way to configure the tool “nginx” can be controlled from the /etc configuration directories. I have found that there are user overrides configuration files that can be written to get the behavior you want.

If might be under /etc/system.d/
or some other sub directory /etc/